4th December 1894

First meeting of Westleigh Parish Council

20th December 1894

Mr F. Lee appointed as Westleigh Parish Clerk at £4 per annum. Note Clerk died 6th August 1908 while in office.

27th March 1897

A holding tank to collect rain water from the church yard to be fitted for flushing the sewer at the corner above the well at Torville.

26th January 1899

The Clerk received the following letter from an allotment holder Mr Waters

I hereby give you notice to call a Parish Council meeting immediately to consider my complaint about the Rabbits destroying my crop of wheat, I am not allowed to catch the rabbets myself and if these pests are allowed to damage my crop, I shall expect   compensation.

15th October 1908

Letter from Postmaster Bideford asking if the Council have any objection to the hours of attendance at the Westleigh Post Office being restricted from 8am to 11pm to 12am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm. Council suggested it should be 4pm to 6pm.

15th March 1917

National Service Campaign requested a canvas of all males between the age of 18 and 61

10th November 1936

Letter from the Bideford and District Electrical Company asking for all the names of these who complained about the delay in laying the Electricity to Westleigh.

28th August 1940

Mr Mathews appointed as Parish Air Raid Warden.

27th March 1941

Fire Fighting Arrangements. Suggested use stream at Downman Cottages for fire fighting.

27th March 1944

Mr W. Harris appointed as Salvage Officer for the parish under the direction of Recovery Officer BRDC in case of air raid.

30th September 1947

Letter received saying that the 6 houses asked for by parish council in post war housing would be built between 16th October and end of year.

15th March 1950

Water to council houses. It was proposed to install an electric pump in the well at Greatwoods but BRDC should be asked to confirm that the well would not be stopped for the rest of the village.

11th June 1958

The telephone kiosk near the post office now has it own number.

20th March 1963

Request for all houses to be connected to services and main water which had now been provided in Westleigh.

24th May 1967

A petition was placed before parish Council requesting provision of car parking and Parish Council is to ask BRDC to erect garages for council house tenants.

20th September 1967

Letter reference received back and RDC advised that the tenants were prepared to give up rear portion of garden.

8th January 1975

Letter received from Chief Planning Officer with plan for Conservative area for old part of village. Plan approved and area accepted.

10th March 1975

Complaint about tame deer which wondered around village and Treyhill and caused damage to gardens.