30th January 1857

Sale to

George Hockridge

and his heirs

all three Dwelling houses or Cottages (formally one dwelling house) Orchard and Gardens belonging in the Church town of Westleigh aforesaid and now in the several occupations of

James Mulles, Mary Buse & Joseph Molland


(This is a brief detail of documents owned by Peter Jeffery, Westleigh)

This Indenture made 30 January 1857 between

Thomas Berry Torr of Barnstaple,

Henry Torr of Instow, Gentleman and Mary his wife.

John Moon late of Lapford now of Hurstboine Priors in the county of Hants, Gentleman.

Walter Weeks of Ottery in the Parish of Lamerton , Gentleman.

Walter Weeks of Hurditch, Gentleman deceased.

Frances Torr of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Spinster.

The Reverend Dashwood Lang of Westleigh.

Samuel Lang Northey of Tavistook, Merchant.

John Leatherdale of the Royal Exchange Insurance Office, Cornhill in the city of London, Gentleman.

George Berry Torr of Westleigh, Gentleman.

Lydia Fenning of Tunbridge Wells, widow of James Berry Torr of Westleigh, Gentleman. Charlotte Smith his wife.

James Wood of Westleigh, Merchant.

Thomas Ley of Bideford, Merchant.

John Berry Torr of the Middle Temple, Esquire Barrister of Law.

Joseph Hesley Torr of No14 Cliffords Inn in the city of London, Solicitor and Elizee his wife.

Charles Duncan Roberts late of Ryde in the Isle of Wight but now of Ramsgate, Kent, Dentist.

John Berry Torr

Frances Torr

James Richards Andrews late of Guilford, Surrey, Esquire, Purser and Paymaster in Her Majesty Ship “Nile“ now stationed at Bermuda and Luisa his wife (Late Luisa Torr).

Joseph Hooley Torr & Thomas Andrews of Bolton Le Moors, Lancaster, Gentleman.

The Reverend John Haydon Cardew late of Billon, county of Leicester but now of Blakeney in the county of Gloucester, Clerk and his wife ( late Teresa Torr spinster ).

The said Dashwood Lang and the said Joseph Hooley Torr and George Hockridge of Bradford in the said county of Devon, Servant. John Torr, Clerk and Jane Tuplin spinster John Dene and George Barton Esquires Thomas Moon and Jane Dene the younger of the 4th part ( Lang This settlement made before the marrage of the said John Torr and the said Jane Tuplin ) for the considerations therein mentioned the said Ann Tuplin released her undivided moiety of the same manor and hereditament.

John Dene the younger and John Torr to hold the uses with limitation over in the went of said Ann Tuplin dying without issue to such uses as the aforesaid Jane Torr should as there in mentioned appoint

“Held whereas “ by indenture dated 23rd July 1805 and made between Francis Southerton and Ann his wife in the 1st part and Christopher Moon of the other part the said undiverted moiety of Ann Southerton and in the said manors and hereditaments was demised to the said Christopher Flood his executer administrator and assign for 99 years subject to a proviso for cover of the said terms upon payment by the said Frances Southerton and Ann his wife

Where as there was issue of the said Jane Torr by the said John Torr (that is to say the said Thomas Berry Torr, Henery Torr, George Berry Torr, James Berry Torr, John Berry Torr, Joseph Hooley Torr, Frances Torr, Luisa Andrews and Teresa Cardew


19th January 1874 Conveyance George Hockridge to Mr Geo:B:Brayley of freehold cottages.