A Guide to the Manors of Westleigh Parish

compiled by Ian Mortimer, B.A. M.A. F.R.Hist.S.


This resource links all the manorial units of Devon with the parishes in which they were situated, from Domesday Book (1086) to the abolition of copyhold tenure in 1922

This guide is an attempt to list all the manors of Devon from the making of Domesday Book in 1086 to the abolition of copyhold tenure in 1922, and to identify the parishes and hundreds in which they were situated,

This is a parish-manor conversion index for the whole county. It is arranged alphabetically by parish. Under each parish name are listed the names of all the manors, feudal tenures and spurious manors (including in some cases manor houses) which will be found in the main lists of Devon manors. Users should note that there will almost certainly be no manorial documents for the early manors (those whose courts did not sit after 1500), or for the doubtful manors.

Westleigh Parish