Westleigh Parish Council Meeting Minutes

March 2023

Held at Westleigh Village Hall on Wednesday 1st March 2023

Attendees – Cllrs David Fairbrother (Chair), Chris Heard (Vice-Chair), Colin Frajbis, and Lesley Burgess. Also in attendance, Parish Clerk, and DCCllr Frank Biederman

1. Min 109 22/23 – Opening of the meeting at 7pm

2. Min 110 22/23 – Apologies received – NDCllr (& MP) Selaine Saxby, Cllr Gear

3. Min 111 22/23 – Declarations of Interest – none

4. Min 112 22/23 – To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 18th January 2023 – unanimous

5. 113 22/23 – Matters arising – none raised.

6. 114 22/23 – Correspondence & Communications. 1) Westliving Lane – after much discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk should contact Andrew Woollacott (Christie Esates) regarding the state of the lane. The Clerk also reminded Cllrs that with the impending Parish & District election on the 4th May, that their applications had to be hand delivered to NDC, by the 4th April. The Clerk assured Cllrs that he would organise the required paperwork, and deliver it to them.

7. 115 22/23 – Public session 15 minutes – no members of the public attended

8. 116 22/23 – County/Ward members reports. Nothing to report from NDCllr (& MP) Saxby. DCCllr Biederman thanked Cllr Burgess for keeping him updated on the revised planning application (76658). As there was a separate agenda item for this application, it was brought forward to be dealt with earlier as DCCllr Biederman could not stay until the end of the meeting. After much discussion, mainly centred around the increased roof height on the plan, DCCllr Biederman agreed to consult with NDCllr Saxby, regarding ‘calling in’ the planning application, and would speak with the Planning Officer concerned. As a result, the PC has left it with both DCCllr Biederman and NDCllr Saxby to examine, and feedback. DCCllr also discussed the Solar Display at Lovacott, and the agreed split of monies between local Parishes, and said that he would keep in contact with Cllr Heard who was concerned that Lovacott Parish would renege on the deal! County budgets were discussed, and although a degree more money had been allocated by HMG to Devon, there are still huge ‘holes’ in the budget (and in the roads!).

9. 117 22/23 – Grants. The Clerk informed the meeting that the grant from DCCllr Biederman had been approved (£500) towards the cost of the fete in August. A grant of £2000 had been applied for, to continue the enhancement of the borders, hedgerows, and wildlife access within the Parish, and the grant had been given the okay, but would have to be passed by the awarding panel before the monies could be given. Many thanks for the work that Cllr Burgess had put into the grant application were expressed. It was felt that until a decision had been received from the panel examining the application, that any planning and preparation should be deferred.

10. 118 22/23 – Finance. The Clerk distributed copies of the accounts page, which showed a current balance of £3804.20p before any precept monies had been paid in.

11. 119 22/23 – Environment update. The Investment in Nature Grant was discussed – see Agenda item No 9

12. 12 120 22/23 – TTEF update – the next meeting is due to be held in April

13. 121 22/23 – Village Fete. The Clerk reported via Cllr Gear, that Hector Christie was not in favour of using Sticks Meadow as a venue, but felt that Tapeley would be a far better option, with easier access, weather proofing, and facilities. The Council was of the opinion that it would be less of a Parish fete by not having it in the Village. Clerk to liaise with Cllr Gear, and perhaps Christie Estate Management.

14. 122 22/23 – Planning update. All Cllrs had been circulated with the issues that Cllr Burgess felt needed raising regarding application 76658. It was noted that the issues raised by the Parish Council for the previous application (75831) had been satisfactorily addressed, and the new application brought further issues (see agenda item 8)

15. 123 22/23 – AOB not on the agenda – nothing raised

16. 124 22/23 – Next meeting. Wednesday 5th April at 7pm Westleigh Village Hall

The meeting closed at 20.45

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