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Westleigh Parish Council – Minutes of Remote (Zoom) meeting Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Attendees – Cllrs David Fairbrother, Lyn Gear, Chris Heard, Colin Frajbis, Lesley Burgess, CCllr Frank Biederman, and Parish Clerk Roger Levick


1. Apologies received in respect of the meeting – Cllr Kevin Farrell-Roberts, and DCllr (MP) Selaine Saxby

2. Declarations of Interest – to receive Declarations of Interests from Councillors of any disclosable, pecuniary, or other Interests in items on the agenda – none received

3. Minutes – to confirm and agree the signing of the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th Novenber 2020. Actions update – apart from the obtaining of quotes for painting the Eastleigh phone box, all actions completed

4. Correspondence and Communications – to include a summary of C&C received from the Chair and Clerk – the Chairman had received a verbal complaint about overhanging bushes, and will speak with the relevant parishioner. 2 invites to remote meetings had been received, one from DCC to discuss 2021/22 budget on the 10th, and one from NDC on the 16th to discuss finances, public conveniences, and the Covid impact upon NDC and Parishes. Any Cllrs who wanted to ‘Zoom’ in to contact the Parish Clerk.

5. County and District Ward Members reports DCCllr Biederman referred to the completion of the PSPO consultation, and commented that common sense had prevailed. He also wanted to emphasise that the Tarka Trail is not a cycle track, but a walking track that cyclists can use with respect to those walking, or walking their dogs. He is keen to promote increased signage to promote safe cycling, walking, and dog walking. He reiterated that the NDC website contains a wealth of information on Covid, and Covid financial issues – he also noted that the current occasional waste and recycling problems were being worked on, but asked parishioners to help by taking back uncollected waste or recycling that had been out for 48 hours. This could then be put out again on the normal collection date. Cllr Frajbis raised again, the problems with speeding motorists at the junction of the Bideford/Instow road, and how dangerous it was for cyclists trying to turn right to Westleigh, and also cars. He also asked if DCC was waiting for someone to have a serious accident before it considers lowering the speed limit. CCllr Biederman replied that his views on a 30mph speed limit were well known, and that he would continue to raise these concerns at County level. He also suggested that residents phone 101 to report cars driving dangerously or recklessly should there be specific incidents. NDCllr (MP) Selaine Saxby via email asked parishioners to look out for postcards from Openreach regarding the potential broadband improvements for Westleigh, and to follow the directions to allocate their vouchers to the scheme.

Public Session – as the meeting was not an Open Meeting due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the unavailability of the Parish Hall, there was no Public Session. However, Parishioners had been asked to forward any questions, or subjects they would like raised to the Parish Clerk on Westleigh.Clerk@gmail.com by the 1st December – none received

6. Finance – to receive an update on the current position, and to agree accounts to pay – the Council agreed to the payment of £75 to J Harris for the last grass cut of 2020, and a payment of £50 to the South West Heritage Trust. The current balance of the Parish account was £5448.91pence

7. Payment permission for Chairman and PC to pay invoices received 3rd December-2nd February as there is no January meeting – agreed unanimously

8. Precept and Budget 2021/2022 – the Budget for 2021/22 was approved, and the Council voted unanimously that there should be no increase in the Parish Precept

9. Planning matters - only one planning matter (72475), and there were no objections raised

10. Eastleigh Defibrillator – update on phone box painting – once an available painter is located, the Council decided that in keeping with other Councils, the Box should be painted green to identify it as a Defibrillator Unit. Cllr Heard agreed that he would cut back some of the bushes by the box to make entry easier.

11. Highway issuesthe speeding traffic issue was raised during CCllr Biederman’s report

12. Footpath signagenew sign received and placed by Tim Hudson. The Council expressed their gratitude to him. Cllr Burgess asked if more of the small circular direction signs could be obtained to aid walkers. PC to contact NDC

13. Environmental issues – to include potential River Torridge pollution, and meeting with Tapeley – no specific issues were raised, but Cllr Fairbrother talked briefly about an email from Devon Wildlife Trust about creating wildflower meadows, and would forward for Cllrs consideration. The Tapley meeting would now take place in early 2021

14. Bus shelter – mural update – now completed and ready for installation

15. Christmas meeting - proposals – these will now become Christmas 2021 proposals!

16. Agenda items for the next meeting (Wednesday 3rd February) – none specific

17. Any other business not covered – none received

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.35 hrs and wished all Councillors and Parishioners a Happy and Safe Christmas, and a much better 2021 for all.

Cllr David Fairbrother - Chairman