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Draft Minutes of the Westleigh Parish Council Meeting held on the 4th September 2019 at 7.30pm

In attendance – Cllrs Fairbrother, Gear, Heard, and Frajbis. County Cllr Biederman and District Cllr Saxby. Parish Clerk (PC) Roger Levick



1. Apologies received in respect of the meeting – Cllrs Griffin, Burgess, and Farrell-Roberts

2. Declarations of Interest – to receive Declarations of Interests from Councillors of any disclosable, pecuniary, or other Interests in items on the agenda – there were no declarations of interest

3. Minutes – to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 7th August 2019 and any matters arising – agreed and signed as a true record

4. Correspondence and Communications – to include a summary of C&C received from the Chair and Clerk – a briefing on NDC Corporate Priorities had been circulated to all Cllrs for their comments and ideas – the details of the Parish Forum on 19th September had also been circulated to which all Cllrs had been invited – a briefing had been received on Website requirements which had been forwarded to Cllr Frajbis for his comments – Pinpoint Community Services in Devon had requested that the information on Westleigh Parish Council should be checked and updated (Cllr Biedermann elaborated on what Pinpoint was, and its benefits)– a letter regarding the ‘drop in’ event at Instow for ‘affordable housing’ had been received and circulated – an invite to the CPRE (campaign to protect rural England) planning workshop at Hatherleigh on 15th October had also been received. Cllr Fairbrother reported that he had been in contact with Andrew Woollacott regarding the proposed 2020 Village Fete, and was meeting him on the 5th September to discuss it and also the condition of the surface of the lane entrance to the Village Hall

5. County and District Ward Members reports – Cllr Biedermann stated that following the Summer recess, there was nothing new to report at this time. Cllr Saxby reported that the emphasis in September was her initiative to ‘Clean the Beaches’ at Instow on the weekend 20-22nd, with full details published in the Parish Magazine. Also that she was meeting Toby from the Devon Air Ambulance (14th) to discuss possible future landing sites within the District at Instow or Westleigh.

Public Session – at the discretion of the Chair, any members of the public may speak following item 5 and before item 6 – no members attended

6. Finance – to receive an update on the current position, to receive accounts to pay, to note any income received, and any other matters relating – PC reported that all Barclays issues seem to have been resolved, and taking into account outstanding invoices and the £150 contribution to the Eastleigh defibrillator, the balance was £4377. The meeting agreed that the following invoice for £100 (J Harris) could be authorised and paid

7. Planning matters – any issues that need raising - 2 items of interest to the Parish had been noticed in the District planning applications, but both had been withdrawn as invalid

8. Westleigh Footpath update – Cllr Griffin reported via email that he continued to look for surfacing material, but had no joy to date. Cllr Fairbrother voiced his concern over the severity of previous hedge cutting by the path (see point 12). PC reminded Council that the Bank Account still held grant money for the resurfacing, and that it would have to be used in this financial year, or be refunded to District.

9. Housing Needs Survey – Cllr Frajbis asked the PC to contact the facilitator to ensure that Westleigh had copies of the survey delivered to him by the 24th latest, to enable them to be delivered with the Parish Magazine.

10. Eastleigh Defibrillator – Cllr Heard asked the PC to confirm that the Old Phone Box was a suitable placement for the equipment before going ahead with a firm order. Cllr Biedermann confirmed that his offer of £500 towards the cost still stood, and would forward the appropriate forms to the PC for completion

11. Highway issues – no additional matters raised apart from some concerns on standing water which was being monitored

12. Environmental issues – concerns were expressed that spraying may have taken place in the field below the Parish Hall, and the nature of that supposed spraying. Cllr Gear will take up this matter with Tapeley to seek clarification – she also agreed to discuss the severity of some of the hedge cutting, specifically in and around the footpath area.

13. Bus shelter – Cllr Frajbis reported that he had obtained anti-graffiti paint for the shelter mural which he would be starting later this year. Cllr Fairbrother reported that the Westleigh Inn had volunteered a contribution of £50 towards the cost, and felt that other ‘establishments’ being highlighted on the mural could also be asked to sponsor as they would benefit from the emphasis. PC was tasked with contacting Fremington Quay, the Quay Inn, the Blacksmiths Arms, and the Puffing Billy to sound them out

14. Summer Fete – Cllr Fairbrother reiterated his meeting with Tapeley on the 5th to discuss location, type, and potential dates. It was also agreed that the fete would need a Village Committee to drive this forward, and that Cllr Frajbis would place an article in the Parish Magazine to that effect.

15. Agenda items for the next meeting (Wednesday 2nd October) – no specific items received

16. Any other business not covered – a reminder that all ‘Register of Interests’ needed to have been completed and sent off – J Harris ‘safe working methods’ had yet to be delivered to Mr Harris, Cllr Gear agreed to ensure he received and signed copies – PC notified Cllrs that he was away on holiday 7-14th September, but would still access emails

17. Confirmation of actions agreed, by whom, and by when – highlighted in bold

The meeting closed at 8.40pm