Anthony Lippincott (Luppingcott) of East Wood married Katherine Ossel (not Orrel) 30 Jan. 1596 at St. Peter’s Westleigh by Bideford. He died ca. 1620. The records I have seen indicate only one child, Ann, who married a Taylder. His uncle Arthur was probably the pikeman in the Westleigh Parish Muster Roll of 1569. I have no information about Anthony’s date of birth but your history Odd Bits indicates it was 1559. There is a Catherine Ossel christened at St. Peter’s 7 Mar.

1571 who would have been ca. 25 on Jan. 1596 and, if the same, was exetrix of anthony’s will.

The Lippincotts (Luppingcott) were residents of Webbery for several hundred years prior to the Cutlifes. I would greatly appreciate any information you can supply about the Lippincott family. They are generally believed to have originated from Luffincott Parish over on the Tamar River in Devon. There was a Johannes Phylype Luffyngcott in West Putford in the 1530’s and John Luppingcott married Jane Wibbery ca. 1413 in Alverdiscott Parish.

The last Lippincotts in UK I believe died out sometime in the 1970’s

and their old manor in Over, Gloustershire, was torn down in 1980.

There are about 1200 Lippincott families in the US and all are believed to be descended from Richard Lippincott who first came to America in ca. 1639 and married an Abigail ?Goody in the US or in Plymouth. His father is reported to be Anthony Lippincott. Could the Anthony of West Wood have been married first to _____ and second to Katherine Ossel? I also note that the surname Goody is found in the Westleigh Parish list.

James Lippincott (about 12 generations removed from Anthony)

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